Audrey in Austin 
This Blog is...

A collection of lists, commentaries, interviews and of course, those advertised ravings, all about action heroines of both page and screen. 

This Blogger is...

A geek, a nerd, a fangirl, call me what you will...I've been obsessed with action heroines literally as far back as I can remember starting with Princess Leia, Ripley and Marion Ravenwood. My first toy was a ray gun. My first appointment tv was Buffy. My first purchase at a garage sale was a battered issue of Wonder Woman. 

Now, I read the comics, I watch the movies and I obsess over these figures of strength. No matter where my career seems to wander, from magazine writing to NPR news, this is the topic to which I always return. 

How is Best Action Heroines different from other sites?

Well, obviously, I only write about action heroines here. Not action movies, not just comics, not just geek stuff, but only action heroines. Coming from a literature, critical and writing-based background, you may also find I tend to dig really deep when looking at films, searching specifically for symbolism and feminist issues in the relatively new medium that is the world of film and comics. 

I think it's important to evaluate pop culture, to treat it as a social barometer, to call for change when a negative trend occurs while rewarding the good stuff as it happens.